Hello, this is TimeBlocks.

Due to the termination of agreement with Sandoll Communication as of 2020.12.01,

The following 4 fonts by Sandoll Communication will no longer be available for new purchase.

    - Gothic NeoCond

    - DalTokki Travel

    - Vanilla Pink

    - Myungjo Neo1 Unicode

In addition, they will no longer be available for users who purchased Sandoll fonts already,

And refund will be made for the fonts you purchased as TimeBlocks coins.

▶Coin refund schedule: To be refunded at once on 2020.12.18

We apologize for the inconvenience to the users who purchased them already,

And will make efforts to make more fonts available through the collaboration with various font design companies soon.

Thank you.

Other inquiries -  support@timeblocks.com