Changes of External Calendars Color Syncing

Hello, this is TimeBlocks.

This announcement is to inform you about the changes that have been made to the color syncing of external calendars in the recent update.
Currently, TimeBlocks only supports the sync to external calendars, such as Apple, Google, Naver calendars, for the premium accounts.

However, because the range of colors on TimeBlocks and the range of colors that are supported by the external calendars vary, and because the range of support for individual events and colors of category differs depending on different services, there have been issues where colors appeared differently on TimeBlocks and the websites of external calendars. There has also been the issue of certain colors from external calendars not being recovered on the application when the application is reinstalled.

This problem is fundamentally caused by different policies between services.
It is difficult to solve this problem with technical measures alone. Hence, to solve the problem, when accessing an external calendar on the TimeBlocks app, we have decided to limit the range of sync to external calendar services as presented below.

It is technically difficult to solve, so to solve the problem, in the case of an external calendar within the TimeBlocks app, the color setting range is limited to the range that allows synchronization from an external calendar service as shown below.

color sync table

The above policy will be applied to newly entered external calendar events after the update.

The colors from the previously entered external calendars will not be changed even after the update.
However, when you log in again after disconnecting or logging out, the colors of the previous schedules will not be restored because the colors will have to be received from the external calendars again.

Therefore, if you wish to keep the previous colors, please request the data be transferred from the existing external calendar events to TimeBlocks to the customer center. We will help you transfer the data.

We apologize for any confusion that may have been caused to the users who have previously purchased the color palette and applied it to external calendar events.

However, since the more critical problem, not being able to restore or synchronize with external services has been resolved, you will be able to use the service with stability in the long term.
Moreover, regarding the TimeBlocks category, you can still set the colors with your purchased colors.

We will do our best to provide better service in the future.
Thank you.