This is a notice regarding Facebook login error.


From July 20th, when logging in with Facebook, a screen saying "Facebook login is not available" appears.
This is due to the fact that TimeBlocks developer information has not been updated due to the recent strengthening of Facebook's privacy policy, and will be reflected soon by submitting the latest information to Facebook.

However, for those who need to log in right away, we can change the Facebook sign-up account to Email sign-up account.
When logging in, there is no change other than that it changes to logging in with an email and password instead of using the Facebook quick login button.
Of course, existing data is not affected.


If you want to change the email format, to check your existing Facebook account, click TimeBlocks on the Facebook site>Settings>All apps and websites and enter your user ID at the bottom of the screen at or through the left side menu in the app>Customer support. please pass it on
(We process it within 1 business day)