We are the developer of TimeBlocks.

We would like to inform you that data from external connection services that were supported in the past but are now discontinued were collectively transferred to the TimeBlocks category on January 17th.
Externally connected services transferred are iOS, Evernote, and Gmail categories.

As connection support for the above services has ended, the subcategories will also be deleted and new entries will not be possible.
We have confirmed that some users are still using categories that have been discontinued.
Therefore, for the convenience of users, we have moved it to the Time Blocks category instead of deleting it.

You can check the transferred categories under Side Menu Categories > Time Blocks Account.
[iOS] The existing external service name is displayed in front of the category name as a category name.

If you do not see the schedule or have any other inquiries, please contact support@timeblocks.com.

thank you